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I Love Big Brother
Logo I Love Big Brother I Love Big Brother is the page which propagating good music and niche music. We don't patronize CD of music only their add here.

Currently we need new people to deliver independent music. If you want to join us and play a role (eg. to deliver new music) contact with us by fb or e-mial.


Monday - Friday approx. 7 pm to 3 am

Weekend approx. constantly

How to add your record?

Send your work to us by fb, forum, e-mial or in the chat. Wait until we check cd and we will announce the result in favor or against. After accepting your work, you will have to decide how you want to share with us your work at sites. You can choose: download, listen (pleyer online) or the radio. We decide about fb


Owner: HWN

Bank account number: 37 8025 0007 0031 5162 3000 0010

or: 05 1870 1045 2083 1040 1707 0001

As a transfer: Donation - I Love Big Brother

The money will be transferred to the site maintenance, or buy server hosting. We are not considering buying shoutcast server because the current works well